Jamie Tutnjevic, MPA, Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, Director

I was tired of being sick and tired!
I was given the short end of the genetics stick. In my early 30s I was dealing with constant debilitating pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Migraines, High Blood Pressure, out of control blood sugars, and was just unhealthy. Every time I went to the doctor I was being monitored for something new. 

 I felt like I was eating well, I was active, and I thought I was doing what I needed to do to be healthy.  To be blunt, I WAS WRONG; my health was failing, and the real culprit wasn't the medicine, exercise, or the fad diet . IT. WAS. ME. I needed to be held accountable and stop eating the processed, fake foods that were hurting me. My relationship with food was broken and it was time to fix it and me. To fix me, I started researching and found the wonderful world of Health Coaching! 
I met some amazing people, found great resources, and most importantly, found the way to the happiest and healthiest me. 
While on my journey, I inadvertently lost weight, rediscovered how beautiful and wonderous whole ingredients are, and how fun it is to get the kiddos involved in the process!
I graduated from Florida State University with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology. I also hold a Master's Degree in Public Administration along with certifications in Nutrition, Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching. Nearly all of my work experience is in the Health Care Industry, from Therapy to Mental Health Case Management to Health Care Coaching.

Ivo Lesov

Ivo brings many years of fitness experience to Coastal Nutrition and Wellness Team. He has been training since a very young age and started competing professionally since he was 12. He was trained by his father, Petar Lesov, the World Renowned, Olympic Champion, 2 time European Champion, and Head Coach of the Bulgarian National Boxing Team.
 He was the National Champion of Bulgaria for several international events to include:

Bradenburg Cup- Germany
Golden Gloves- Serbia
Open Ring- Bulgaria
Ring Sofia- Bulgaria
National Boxing Team of Bulgaria
Ivo was also on the 2008 Bulgarian Olympic Team for Beijing